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Assisting Cities and Counties with Homeless Encampment Cleanup

Homeless Encampments pose a danger to the city, community, and personnel who are charged with addressing the area.  Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup assists cities and counties all across Georgia in cleaning up these areas.  We are the professionals who can tackle the most challenging of areas and returning them to their original natural state.  Our scope of work is customized to the instructions of the agency which we are working with and regularly include the following:

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- Create a safe zone to not endanger the public during the process

- Utilize disposal vehicles or dumpsters for the removal of all garbage and refuse

- Sort through the contents to recover contents of value from the inhabitants and turn over to the agency

- Properly dispose of items and contents affected with body fluids including blood, vomit, feces, and urine

- Remove hypodermic needles which are commonly found at homeless encampments and dispose of properly

- Return the area to the natural state which it was in prior to the encampment

- Provide before and after photos documenting the efforts

- Work closely with Law Enforcement and report and surrender any weapons discovered during the cleanup


Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup are the professionals many cities and county agencies turn to in keeping their community safe.  We have years of experience in working with and effectively addressing a variety of scenes including homeless encampments.  We are insured, licensed, and bonded and can provide you referrals for the scope of work which we complete.  If you have questions concerning our services or if we can assist with a current situation in your city, please don't hesitate in calling us today at 678-203-9111


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