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Services Available for Residential, Commercial, and City and County Agencies

Sharps Cleanup disposes of syringes and sharps in a variety of locations including recovered vehicles, public area, residences, hotels, and apartment turnovers.  Don't risk the danger of contracting a disease and call the professionals today to assist.

Mold Remediation and Cleanupis available all across Georgia from Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup.  If you have had a new or old water leak, had moisture buildup, or suspect mold in your home, please call us today at 678-203-9111 to learn how we can help. 

Board Up Servicesare available 24 hours a day all across Georgia.  Our services include doors, windows, pool coverup, tarping of the roof, and other specialized services to keep your property safe and secure.  When you have had an emergency, call us at 678-203-9111.  Available for residential and commercial properties. 

Meth Cleanupand Clandestine Lab Cleanup for methamphetamine is available throughout all of Georgia by Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup.  Call us now at 678-203-9111 to learn how we can ensure your home is safe from the dangers of methamphetamine. 

Automobile Decontamination

We are the professionals to remove biohazards, blood, body fluids, and to disinfect recovered vehicles and those involved in a tragic event.  Call us today to learn how Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup can address the biohazard and odors associated with a stolen vehicle or accident. 

Rodent and bird dropping CleanupDroppings create a danger on both private and public property.  Our technicians professionally remove the waste and the return the environment to a safe area. 

Homeless Encampments plague many areas of our state and we are here to assist in addressing, not just the biohazards which may be present, but also the removal of all clutter and garbage. 

Law Enforcement Services

Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup partners with agencies all across the state to address city and county vehicles, holding cells, and evidence lockers which require biohazard remediation.

Unattended death cleanup addresses both the body fluid cleanup and odor abatement.  Our goal is to restore the area to a safe environment for the family members and friends to safely enter the dwelling.

Suicide Cleanupis offered by our professional team of technicians.  These scenes are very tragic and we allow the family and friends to begin healing while we remove the dangers of the scene and the visual reminder of the events.  Grief counselors and support resources are made available for you. 

Crime Scene Cleanupis offered in all of Georgia.  Our professional and discreet team will respond, remove the danger of biohazards present, and the visual reminder of the event.  Resources available for grief counselors and chaplains.  We are here to help you in your time of need.

Our services at Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup are specialized to assist families, friends, property managers, along with county and city agencies.  We are here to assist you with our professional staff with the following services.